There is a way of being which is lighter , which is freer.
A way in which work as well as play becomes a dance
and living a song. We can learn this way." - Milton Trager

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About Lorraine:
"All my work is geared toward helping people feel their best in everyday life."
-Lorraine Lewis

Using an integrated approach, I help people to release the stresses of everyday living and achieve peace and ease on all levels of their being - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.. ..

  • Certified Trager Practitioner since 1993
  • Trager Introductory Workshop Leader
  • Massage Therapy degree from Carolina School of Massage N.C. State Licensed (LMBT # 213)
  • HeartMath® Licensed Provider
  • Master Level Reiki Practitioner
  • Rising Star Healing Practitioner
  • Arcing Light Teacher & Practitioner
  • Certified LaHo-Chi & Angel Light Practitioner
  • Lay Minister at Unity Center of Peace Church
Lorraine LewisI support people in reconnecting and aligning with their divine nature, thus allowing them to naturally be in a positive flow of life energy and create a fulfilling, joyful life. My passion in life is creating greater ease and flow in my own life and supporting others in that as well. All of my 'work' springs forth from accessing a space of oneness, the peaceful connectedness that Dr. Milton Trager called "hook up" - consciously hooked up to Source Energy. My 'trademark' is a naturally gentle, loving, accepting presence. All the sessions I facilitate are about accessing one's essence, feeling peaceful in the present moment, and having an easier, more graceful, flowing feeling state with which to dance through life. I simply share tools that have worked well for me.

I am available for presentations, classes and demonstrations;  to lead prayer,  meditation and spiritual support groups.

teach upon request Trager® Introductory Workshops and Mentastics® classes as a part of NCBTMB Continuing Education requirements and Trager training prerequisites.  CE's are available for all classes. Classes are open to everyone.
 I give private sessions in person, via phone, or by remote (distance) healing. The initial phone consultation is free. Personalized prayer support tapes can be recorded to suit your individual needs.

What my clients have to say...

"I just wanted to let you know that your session yesterday really did the trick - exactly what I wanted it to do. I feel like a whole different person today. So I really appreciate all your efforts that you made to become such a good practitioner. And I'm really grateful that you are around and available. Thank You! "
 -- J. Brugioni, Body Talk Teacher


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