Peaceful Connection 
"Creating peace in the world, one person at a time" - Milton Trager  

Arcing Radial Light

Arcing Light (also known as Arcing Radial Light) is a spiritual energy healing modality. It is a very high vibrational, loving field of energy that works powerfully, yet gently, on the subtle energy systems of the body helping to promote wellness and wholeness.

Arcing Light can remove energy blockages, release stress, and recharge and rebalance energy fields. It is especially beneficial in releasing emotional trauma and in supporting positive shifts in consciousness and behavior.

In a session, the practitioner uses her hands to connect with the client's energy fields as the client lies comfortably on a massage table. One of the keynotes of Arcing Light is that the energy works very fast and a session can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes.

What my clients have to say...

 "The lightness lifts my body and spirit to open the way for feelings, memories, and sensory pleasure. 'Trager time' takes the place of clock time, and in that unhurried time, I remember and feel the joy of acceptance, calm, peace, and prayer." -- J. Justice, Writer

"This is a Balloon Flower (drawn on the thank you card) - you can see the 'Balloon' before it opens into a 5-pointed star. I think you hold Trager as a 'balloon' that opens to bless people with it's 5-pointed star. Thank you so much for blessing me with a Trager session. I feel very loved and cared for and I thank you!" -- S. Smith, Artist

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