Peaceful Connection 
"Creating peace in the world, one person at a time" - Milton Trager  

The Rising Star Healing System

The Rising Star Healing System is a very powerful healing energy that raises the vibration of the human energy field and allows the I AM PRESENCE to be fully felt.

It assists the client greatly on their evolutionary path clearing any misaligned energies. The Rising Star allows the practitioner and the receiver to still the mind and transfer divine life energy to the part of the being that needs it most for healing and rebalancing.

A session typically last 35 to 45 minutes. A series of 3 sessions are recommended to maximize your evolutionary growth and launch you forward on your path.

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What my clients have to say...

"You' just took away a whole year of stress from school."

"This work makes you feel more like your true Self - it makes you feel the way you want to feel."

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